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Home Page Here are hardware recommendations for running Doyle-Logan System (DLS) Order Entry on two to hundreds of computer stations.   There are four types of machines to consider.

  • Local Area Network Server(s) - These store all centrally shared data used by and generated by DLS software.   These also run the server software to which DLS station software are clients.   For larger numbers of users, these computers need more RAM, multiple CPUs, high speed network cards and hard drives with very fast response time.
  • Local Area Network Switch - This coordinates all data traffic between the LAN Server, Admin Computers and Order Entry stations.   The strength of this device is vital to system performance.   For larger installations additional switches may be required.
  • Administrative Computers - These computers are used to create order entry scripts, generate reports, output exports and manage web access.   These are typically more powerful than the computers used for order entry.
  • Order Entry Stations - The average bargain personal computer, widely available has always proven to be more than adequate to run Doyle-Logan Order Entry software.

Local Area Network Server
The Local Area Network Server(s) - A redundant pair is recommended.
 10-24 Computers 25-99 Computers100-up Computers
  • CPU    2.x GHz
  • RAM   512 MB
  • H. D.    80 GB
  • CPU    3.x GHz
  • RAM   1024 MB
  • H. D.   100 GB
  • CPUs   3.x GHz
  • RAM 2048 MB
  • H. D.   140 GB

  • Administrative Computers
    The Administrative Computers - Some run unattended in auto mode.
     Script Programming Reports/ExportsoHost (web access)
  • CPU    2.x GHz
  • RAM   512 MB
  • H. D.   100 GB
  • CPU    2.x GHz
  • RAM   512 MB
  • H. D.   100 GB
  • CPUs   2.x GHz
  • RAM   512 MB
  • H. D.   100 GB

  • Order Entry Stations
    The Order Entry Stations - Average bargain PCs are often adequate.
     Supervisors Phone AgentsTrainees
  • CPU    2.x GHz
  • RAM   256 MB
  • H. D.    60 GB
  • CPU    1.x GHz
  • RAM   128 MB
  • H. D.    40 GB
  • CPUs   0.x GHz
  • RAM    64 MB
  • H. D.    20 GB

  • TST Hardware Recommendations - Additional Notes
    Each of the above computers need Internet connectivity, keyboards, mice and monitors. Some machines, such as the file servers and the automated computers, could share a single keyboard and monitor, using a switch box and cabling, if they are located in close proximity to each other. For best system security, put all servers and automated stations in a Computer Room behind a lockable door.

    Mysterious Local Area Network problems come up from poor cabling. Be sure to hire a qualified LAN cabling firm who will bring industry standard diagnostic and certification equipment to test their final work (and provide you with a printed report). The average electrical contractor often cannot do a good job with LAN wiring.

    Operating Systems
    DLS Software runs on Microsoft or Novell operating systems for the machines above. Windows 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP are approved for the Administrative and Order Entry stations. Novell Netware or Windows NT/2000/2003 is recommended for the Server especially if the number of order entry stations exceeds four. (Administrative and Order Entry stations run better on NT/2000/XP, but this is not required.)

    System and Hardware Certification
    I hereby certify that I have received, read and understand the document titled "TST Hardware Recommendations" provided to me by TeleService Technologies.

    I also certify that the system including hardware, network and operating systems on which TeleService Technologies is to install the Professional Telemarketer Order Entry by Doyle-Logan Systems meets or exceeds the minimum configuration requirements as described in the document titled "TST Hardware Recommendations".

    I also understand that all of the hardware and the network operating system will be in place and fully functional before an installation date can be confirmed.

    I further understand that TeleService Technologies in not responsible for the installation, configuration or troubleshooting of any hardware or network operating system unless prior arrangements have been made.

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    This document must be signed, dated and returned to TeleService Technologies before an installation date will be confirmed.

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